Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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The Service is the only online listing database of hand-picked Qualified Census Tract (QCT) and Difficult to Develop Area (DDA) development opportunities for affordable housing developers. Our expert staff remains cognoscente of any and all Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) updates to ensure the validity of each and every development opportunity. Each QAP has established site specific requirements and selection criteria that dictate where the credits will be allocated. We exploit the often unforeseen transparency of the QAP in site identification.

The development opportunities procures consists of vacant land for new construction, historic structures or similar appropriate for residential redevelopment and existing apartment communities (including 10 yr rule). Our diverse product line consists of single family communities, duplex/triplex/quads, garden style apartments, high rise, elderly communities, etc.

We save LIHTC developers time, by finding the best sites in the country for them.

Following the procurement of certain real estate appropriate for LIHTC development it is the responsibility of to provide our audience with all the supporting documentation to successfully quantify each opportunity, including:

  • A market snapshot of existing LIHTC communities in the area in order to establish market rents
  • A site plan or plat to layout the proposal
  • The selection criteria self score – assuming the developer will abide to all project specific suggestions
  • Local public housing authority established utility allowances for appropriate deductions from HUD max allowable
  • Brief demographic information, including: population, income, race, etc
  • State of the art mapping software showing Aerial, Road, 3D and Street-level views (where available) of the site
  • Appropriate municipal contact information and pertinent dialogue we have obtained regarding each site
  • Pertinent zoning information including municipal code and/or zoning procedures when applicable
  • Development fees – including building permit fees, water/sewer tap fees, real estate tax calculation and incentives (when available) in order to establish a pro forma
  • Site characteristics – including topographic mapping, floodplain/wetlands, etc.

For a detailed example of information provided please register for your free account. For questions/comments/concerns or partnership information please call 877-QCT-SITE.

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